# Let’s start the error!

Are you ready to join? META ERROR!


Introducing about APE Meta Error


When the world is about to have a Chain war… A group of scientists saw the effects of the war. They are looking to prevent the impact of gas war and radioactive. A secret research institute was established in the Metaverse, where Apes were tested for radioactive resistance.

They experiment with three species of Apes! After being injected with NEAR Serum, most Apes were too weak. They keep running the experiment until they succeed just once.

After the 3,332nd experiment, the guards found something on the CCTV. So, they sent the security team to check.


The Apes are missing! They found only tag number 3,333 in the room. The Apes had escaped to Paras.

Let's find out if they are still the Apes we knew. Will the scientists be able to protect us from the effect of the upcoming Chain war?

ape meta error Utilities

  • Gen0 Holder: Recieve all gen1 utilities + premium access to AME space in the future.
  • AME memorable collabs: Special collaboration arts with other NFTs on Near protocol. Only AME holders will be eligible to mint!
  • AME Merch: There will be the Merch under AME branding for AME holders to buy and error together.
  • $AME token: AME merch can buy with $AME. MINT Lab* premium feature needs $AME to pay for access.
  • Stake to earn: Stake AME Gen0 or Gen1 to earn $AME. (Gen0 will grant you more $AME)

Sneak Peek



AME Origin!


After the Chain wars, 333 AMEs survived on Near Blockchain.


Network & Community

Start building the community and partnership with the other collections on Near Protocol.

Q2 - 2022

Phase 0

- Release AME Gen0 and 1st utility of MINT Lab*.

- Art collaboration with partners

Q3 - 2022

Phase 1

- Release AME Gen1 ( 3,333 AME )

- Airdrop 333 AME Gen1 to Gen0 holders.

- Fan art contest

- Upgrade MINT Lab*

- AME Merch

Q4 - 2022

Phase 2

- Launch $AME token

- Airdrop $AME to AME holders

- Stake AME NFT to earn

- Upgrade MINT Lab*


APE Meta Error

If you have any other questions. Join our Lab (Discord)  today and ask APETER.

AME stands for Genesis of Ape Meta Error, 333 NFTs Collection on NEAR Protocol.

There will be GENESIS (Gen0) and Gen 1 of AME.

- Gen 0: 333

- Gen 1: 3,333 (333 airdrops to the holder of Gen0).

WL round: 12:00 4th July 2022 UTC (24 hours).

Public Mint: 12:00 5th July 2022 UTC.

5 N for WL round and 7 N for Public Mint.

You will be eligible to mint 1 NFT per 1 wallet in the WL round.

There are 3,333 NFTs in AME Gen1. The price and mint date are TBA.

MINT Lab is an NFT utility platform on Near Protocol. It will contain many sub-services. There is privileged access for AME holders and partners.

Example feature:

- Wallet Verify: to check the holders' qualifications before joining WL for any community.

- WL Hub of Near NFT project: MINT Lab collects NFT whitelist spots for the users.

- Other sub-services from MINT Lab in the future.